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What Others Are Saying
Since taking Renee’s Course, I'm much more at Peace. 
I use to constantly compare myself to others and this course has helped me to be more organized, able to take on big projects and personal projects all at once and still being able to stay calm and focused on what is really important to me!
Before the program, I was letting negative thoughts run my day. Since going through the program I have established a morning routine that helps ground. I get my day started off in the right frame of mind. I have more control over my thoughts throughout the day. I loved that I can use Calming The Chaos for a lifetime.
I love the Community and Private Facebook Group where we can get Support and share stories of both struggle and Success. This program completely changed the I feel each day. I used to be unsure of where life was heading and now I feel I have more purpose and specific tools that I didn't have before.
What's Included
Calming The Chaos Signature Course - Lifetime Access $697 Value
End the frustration of feeling like you can't have it all. When you take this program, think of me as your personal couch there to guide you. You'll learn three powerful core teaching principles: Know You, Be You, and Do You. This knowledge will support you on your journey to understand your needs and desires better than ever before, walk fully in your purpose, and choose activities and pursuits that enhance your life. Immediate Access to 11 Powerful Video Modules and Worksheets.
BONUS: Two Free Tickets for you and a Guest to IGNITE Live! $794 Value ($397 each)
Spend a Full Day with me, my team and hundreds of powerhouse women who are determined to have it all! Together we'll learn powerful lessons and forge friendships. This is a do-not-miss event! Can't make it live? *Recording Included*
BONUS: Personal Time Management Series $197 Value
Together, we'll priorities and analyze how you spend your time and where your inefficiencies may be. Ultimately you will reorganize your days and weeks to align with what is most important in your life so you can do what brings you the most joy and happiness in your life. Includes 4 video lessons. 7 PDF Worksheets and walks you through how to assess your values.
BONUS: Private Facebook Group - Support and Accountability $297 Value
This is a private group only for those who are in the Calming The Chaos Program. Here you will get support, encouragement, and accountability from me and my team as well as other women just like you who have struggled and come out the other end feeling stronger, braver and more in alignment with who they are meant to be.
Regularly $1,985 
TODAY'S INVESTMENT = 3 Payments of $197 OR 1 Payment of $497! 
Join Today For 3 payments of $197 OR Just 1-Payment of $497
What Others Are Saying
I was always trying to
 get more done, rushing through my day. This program helped to slow down and focus on what matters. It improved my Professional and Personal Life! Complete praise for The Program, Renee, and her Amazing Team!
Before the Calming The Chaos Program, I felt like a chicken running around with my head chopped off!! I was just going thru the motions, knowing I was meant for more, I just couldn’t figure out how to start to make that happen. Now I have a new morning routine and higher sense of purpose each day!
As a Mom of 4 and Business Owner, I found myself burnt out from being a people pleaser and always saying yes to everyone and every thing. Calming The Chaos helped me to examine my non-negotiables Now I feel more at Peace and have clarity on doing what feels right for me. Priceless!
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